Joshua Liebowitz

Composition, Multimedia
Joshua Aaron Liebowitz

Joshua Liebowitz is a composer and multimedia artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. Essential to his work is his belief that art is a process of transformation. Using principles of sound design, music composition and poetics, these then serve as points of departure for artworks in new media, installation, audio collage and digital print. He employs techniques such as appropriation, narrative disruption, and generative audio processing to create works which, interdisciplinary in scope, explore ideas of site-specificity, the effects of sound on the body, spatial relations, and viewer/listener participation.

His work has been featured on Sound Is Art, Numbers.FM, and the TVK netlabel, among others. His writing has appeared in Fordham University's Bruce Andrews: A Symposium & Reading.

Current projects include Spine, a collaboration with poet Rodrigo Toscano to be performed at the St. Mark's Poetry Project Anniversary Event in May 2013.

His scores at MusicaNeo can be downloaded for free. Additional works can be found on BandCamp , SoundCloud and